How to print your Attachment letter and Assumption of Duty Form
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NB: Please, it is advisable to use either 'Mozilla Firefox', 'Google Chrome' or 'Opera' Web Browsers to fill the online form.
1. Log in using your Index Number and Password on your registration chit.
2. Click on Students Section -> “Fill form” and fill in relevant details
3. Proceed to print your Attachment letter.
4. Submit the printed letter to the Liaison Office for endorsement.

To obtain your Assumption of Duty Form
1. Follow steps 1 and 2 above in order obtain your Assumption of duty form.
2. Proceed to print your Assumption of duty form.
3. Submit the Assumption of duty form to be endorsed by the Industry-Based Supervisor.
4. Send the endorsed(Signed and stamped) Assumption of duty form to the Liaison Office in person, by email or by EMS.

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